Photog by Peter Vidani
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TT3D: Closer To The Edge


The Isle Of Man TT. As seen from people that have never had an ounce of adrenaline pump through their body, it’s a barbaric race that riders sign up to their inevitable death. For others however, it’s a tough, 37.73 mile road-race, with tight hairpin corners and potholes, that pushes riders from across the world to ridiculous speeds, world recognised glory and in some cases, death.

TT3D is a documentary from first time film maker Richard de Aragues and what a fantastic start to his career! The doc shows us the lives of the tea-junkie, mutton-chopped, wank-obsessed Guy Martin, a young mechanic who is determined, possibly more than anyone else, to win the Tourist Trophy, Ian Hutchinson who has won the TT an impressive 5 times in 2010 (in which TT3D is made). Others like John McGuinness give their opinions too.

But TT3D isn’t just about motorbikes and racing. It’s about the dangerous lives that these boys live to be able to compete in the race. It’s essentially a two-finger statement to nay-sayers, but without it being offensive. It eases the audience to become accustomed to the fact that these boys are serious. Even with Guy Martin, with his extremely likeable down-to-earth personality, shows his arrogant and childish side of his persona. Understandable when you know the story.

Bridget Dobbs, the wife of Paul *Dobsy* Dobbs who died in the 2010 races, has only a short interview, but how important it is! Bridget, with 2 children, tells that she accepts the dangers of the TT and that she has no regrets of Paul doing what he loved and unfortunately meeting his end.

TT3D is not for the faint hearted either. With collected footage, we see some of the toe-curling crashed that was witnessed in the races. But because it’s done in good-nature rather than showing off, it makes the film something truly special.

Congratulations Richard de Aragues, an excellent documentary that not only gives us the insights to the extreme motorcycle race, but brings us home to these riders, who we follow and feel all the way.

In terms of the 3D aspect of the film… Very impressive! When you think of Hollywood and their shoddy 3D blockbusters (Clash Of The Titans being a shining example) who can’t get the 3D right whatsoever, and a first-time film maker with a tight budget and a love for motorcycles who can make 3D look good, it makes you wonder of what Richard de Aragues can do with a bigger budget…

For motorcycle lovers, adrenaline junkies and those who just want to spend an hour and forty minutes watching a feel-good film, this is for you!